Welcome to the AIM Program...
helping you become
the first in the history of your family
with no family history (except the good stuff).
Eval Demo Video
Stephen Lewis demonstrates energetic evaluation
The AIM Program:
An Energetic Evaluation
AIM Program developer Stephen Lewis demonstrates an Energetic Evaluation and explains why Energetic Balancing helps you erase energetic trends that run in families.

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"The examples presented in Sanctuary are based upon real people whose lives have been transformed by a radical new spiritual technology of energetic evaluation and balancing that promises to forever change the way we think of well-being and human potential..."
Dr. Richard Gerber, MD — Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves

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Dr. Wayne Dyer

"I have seen wonderful results.
This is real, it is transforming.
it is true healing..."
Dr. Wayne Dyer  
Listen to Dr. Dyer's 14-Minute
Intro to EMC²'s AIM Program, from
"There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem"
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